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Double’s S3 is designed specifically for the size, shape and sound of the acoustic guitar. This system is a masterpiece of innovation and design and will dramatically change the unplugged sound of your guitar. Built in Trans- acoustic technology ( SFT same frequency trans ) allows you to use effects through your guitar without the need of external amplification. Enjoy Reverb, Chorus & Delay to boost your guitars natural resonance and all through a rechargeable slimline 3x button mounted pre-amp. This unit can also be used through an amplifier with full use of the on board effects and blend-able microphone for percussive playing techniques.


– Active dual channel pick up system for Acoustic Guitar

– Under saddle Piezo pick up( made in USA )

– On board Microphone

– Chorus, Reverb, Delay effects

– Small Internal TRANS speaker to mount inside your guitar.

– Rechargeable lithium battery

– Slimline 3x button mounted pre-amp

( we recommend a guitar technician to install this system )

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