Acacia Koa

RRP: $5.00

A Hawaiian timber known for it’s tonal qualities and figured grain pattern. Koa has warm tone and focussed clarity in the mid-range suited to both acoustic and electric guitars.

  • Standard Size Pick
  • Solid Hawaiian Acacia Koa
  • Signature Tone Grown Chamfered Tip
  • Signature Tone Grown recessed Thumb Groove
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Do you ever wander why you are using the cheapest plastic material to play your dream guitar?

Guitar manufacturers go to extreme lengths to make their instruments sound as good as they can with the highest quality components and timbers, so why not treat your guitar picks with the same level of importance?

Tone Grown Picks are made from exotic timbers from all around the world and will boost the tone of your instrument significantly.

Ten different exotic timbers are available in standard size and Five in Jazz size, all with Tone Grown Picks own signature chamfered tip and thumb groove design.