About Jet Music

Jet Music started in late 2008 when 3 music industry legends decided to join forces and create a new style of Music wholesale company that would be customer relationship focussed, blurring the lines of the conventional music wholesaler/retailer model.

With Jac Smits, Eddie Middleton and Ted Middleton ( Jac, Eddie, Ted = J.E.T ) Jet Music would be born with over 100 combined years of music industry knowledge and experience. Jac has now retired from the company but since then our dedication to keeping the company family run and passionately driven has not changed.

The company was started with humble expectations but has since grown into a fully fledged Music Wholesale company and today deals with manufacturers from countries around the world including America, Austria, China, Australia and France. We have sole distribution for our brands and only hand select products of the highest quality that we love and believe in, this is what makes us great.

Jet Music has been working together with the Australian music retail network to help grow the music industry since 2008.

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